Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What can a Virtual Assistant (VA) do for you?

If you are finding that you are getting swamped / overwhelmed with your administration side of things in your business,  taking on a VA can take the pressure off… A VA can become part of your administration team and take over everyday tasks for example managing your diary and your inbox, while there are other VA’s that specialise in certain aspects of business.


Why use a VA?

Taking on a VA to help manage, oversee, take over some tasks on your everyday to-do-list can take the pressure off of your working day and will give you some valuable time for yourself and your family or for more income generating activities that you enjoy doing.



How can a VA help me?

A VA can take on tasks that you may dislike doing or no longer enjoy, or simply that you do not know how to do.  Tasks that you find time consuming or too repetitive.  It can strengthen the image of your business and can help you stay accountable with regular check-ins, brainstorming sessions and mapping out your plans for the next week or the next month.



What do I need to have ready to work with/use a VA?

My first top tip would be to KNOW what you want your VA to do for you, what you want to outsource.  If you really don’t know then generally the VA will offer a video call with you to go through the process and you can figure it out together.  Once you are ready your VA will organise a suitable way to communicate, this can be via email, messenger or a Project Management platform such as Asana, Dropbox,  Google documents.  Your VA will help you with all of this.  Both of you also need to be clear about how you will work with each other as a team.



How does working with a VA work?

Depending on how you and your VA have agreed to work together, for example at the beginning of each week, fortnightly or monthly yourself and your VA will have a call and make plans on what tasks need doing and by what date.  This then can be put into a document or a message for your VA to work through.  Your VA will keep in regular contact with you and can even be your accountability partner.



What does a VA expect from her client?

To me it is very important to get to know my client and strike up a good friendship/work balance with trust, honesty, and great communication skills on both parts.  To build a friendship that inturn will be an asset to the both of us.



What can I help you with?

I absolutely love Social Media Graphics for all platforms.

Social Media Graphics for all platforms

Social Media Management

Help set up your Facebook page and Instagram account

Social Media Audits, Tips and Tricks – Power Hours

Hashtag Banks

Logo Design

PDF’s, Worksheets, Brochures, Flyers, Posters


Bespoke packages

WordPress Website and Landing Pages

Lead Magnets

Mailerlite landing pages and email sequences

Planning, brainstorming, and accountability partner




How much do I charge?

From as little as £25 per hour.




Do I offer monthly retainer packages?

I do, but as everyone is different in what they would like doing and done for them, we would need to discuss this further on a call and go through our options.




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