What will you get with your download?!…

Do You Struggle With Facebook Business Page Cover

An explanation of the sizes and finding your ‘Safe Zone’ to fit on both a Pc and a Mobile device.

Not Sure What Size Graphic To Use?!..

Sizings for Social Media Graphics for Facebook, Instagram, LindedIn and Pinterest.


Template’s for all of the Social Media Platforms mentioned above for you to save and edit as you like.

I am Lisa Jane and I am passionate about helping others with their Social Media Graphics and Management.


I used to get so frustrated with my own graphics not being the right size and just not looking good enough. ┬áIt used to take me hours just to get one graphic looking ‘right’!

Now I want to help others who maybe do not have the time or the know how or who simply just do not like doing this side of their business.

I absolutely love this side of the business, getting creative!


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